Companion Care

Home Help make positive differences in elderly lives with companion care

Friendship & Companionship

Home Help offer vital friendship and companion care services to our clients making it a valuable service.  We appreciate that sometimes our customers just fancy a drink and a chat.

Companion Care Services

This gives us the opportunity to:

• Check on your well-being
• Help you with domestic chores and laundry
• Assist you with preparing and cooking meals
• Provide shopping or go shopping with you
• Support you to social activities and appointments
• Provide vital companionship and friendship
• Go for a walk or even walk your dog together

Our customers find that getting together with one of our friendly helpers boosts their morale and gives them something to really look forward to.

companionship & help with everyday tasks & life

Companionship for the elderly

Quality help can be provided in many ways, within a care home/retirement village, moving in with a relative or having regular assistance with routines in their own residence.  There is much to be taken into consideration before deciding on the best option that will fulfil an individual’s requirements.  It is a very personal and, at times, emotional decision to make.  Potential cost with companion care is a big concern to all involved in the decision and it is not one to be taken lightly without as much information as possible to help the individual and their loved ones.

Getting Help

Home help services come in many different forms.  It can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs, requirements and interests.  This adaptable service can be a life changer for someone who is elderly, alone or suffers with an impairment or illness. The value it brings is immeasurable.  It may be that an individual simply requires someone to assist them with tasks such as shopping, gardening and domestic chores such as meal preparation and cleaning.  Home help can offer all of this and so much more.  Some of our clients wish to simply have companion care, someone to sit with them for an hour a day and play a game or read the newspapers with them. It isn't just private home help that we offer, we can also be a support to your social life and escort you to appointments.  Home help will pick you up and take you on your errands or accompany you on walks.  The tailoring of our service is completely focused on the individual.  Receiving a regular, scheduled visit from a friendly face keeps an individual’s moral boosted and gives our clients something to focus on and look forward to. It is a service that is not just practical but can be a vital lifeline for some and very much the highlight of their day, not to mention the reassurance and peace of mind it can provide for both our clients and their families.  Nobody should be constantly lonely and feel isolated from the outside world. Companionship is unbelievably important and must not be underestimated in the quality that it brings to someone’s well-being, not to mention maintaining an individual’s valuable feeling of independence at home as well as from a social aspect.

Private Care

Often private home help is the preferred choice as it enables an individual to remain within the family home.  This ensures that they can retain their independence as the help is tailored to suit their specific needs and requirements, without the upheaval of leaving their home.

Private domestic help can be provided hourly or bespoke.  One of our friendly helpers will visit at your required time to meet your needs and avoid disruption to your existing routine.  Family and friends will be consulted every step of the way allowing them to spend quality time with you.  Continuity in private companion care is also key to the success of private home help.  A constant stream of different helpers is not beneficial to our customers.  A trusted bond and genuine working relationship will be formed as early as possible.

Home help services can be provided in anyone's home.  The service covers a huge variety of tasks such as collection of prescriptions, caring for houseplants, assistance with pet care, meal preparation, changing bed linen, assisting with washing and ironing and light housekeeping.  The provision of this kind of service helps people to be able to stay in their own home as opposed to having to live in a care home.

Like many service providers we offer help at short notice, we appreciate that situations can arise that are unforeseen.  We can therefore provide help until your family or primary helper is available again. If you would like to enquire about using our services, please email @HomeHelpChesterfield  or phone us on 0800 112 3131.